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How Mi Rewards works

How does Mi Rewards help my town or city?
How does Mi Rewards benefit local businesses?
What are the different levels of Mi Rewards?
Do I need a Mi Rewards loyalty card?
What if I get a new payment card?
How old do I need to be to use Mi Rewards?
How do I close my Mi Rewards account?

Mi Rewards points and offers

How do I earn points with Mi Rewards?
How do I spend my points?
How do I use my offer?
Do my points expire?
What happens if my points don’t get added to my account?
I forgot to pay using one of my linked cards. Can I still earn points on the transaction?
Will I earn points for Visa, Mastercard and Amex transactions?
Can I earn points by spending in other towns or cities?

Prize Draws and prizes

What prizes can I win with Mi Rewards?
How do you notify prize draw winners?
Do I need to spend money to enter the prize draw?